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Thanks to the Control Panel the medical team can receive information about the medical gas system, HVAC plant and electrican power supply system.

I-Call® is the first entirely Made in Italy nurse call system designed and produced to meet the needs of facilities across the entire healthcare spectrum.



Technologic research

I-Call® technological research is based on more than 30 years of experience. We have developed a dynamic, easy to use and intuitive system capable of improving the timeliness of communication between patient and caregivers


I-Call® manages all types of calls through a fixed system integrated with smartphones, so as to provide the traceability and monitoring of all patients related events


The versatility of I-Call grants the integration with existing systems as well as the interface with alarms and external systems. This enables to upgrade and expand the calling system to the new functions of control, monitoring and statistics.

We are committed to using high quality products made from antibacterial material, which, partnered with our high-tech communication methods, enable us to comfortably meet the directives set by DIN VDE 0834.

Other product lines


Oki - Medical Supply Units


Arko - Wall protections


Privacy solutions

I-Control Plus

Automation and management system for surgical procedures.

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