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Innovative in-house production systems, design and product quality, a reliable worldwide distribution network: this is the LM Medical Division identity, a leading company whose core business for thirty years has been the production of bed head trunking and pendants solutions for all hospital wards, intensive care and surgical units.

Ergonomic design, aesthetic quality and technical accuracy are the benchmarks that make us valued worldwide. LM Medical Division have emerged to become one of the most sought after players, capable of delivering high quality technical products and solutions to meet the needs of medical staff and patients. Our mission? Genuine and absolute commitment to healthcare through innovative products.We manufacture and market medical supply units, privacy and protective wall solutions.

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Italian Design Thanks to our in-house design studio, we make sure our Italian taste, flair and attention to detail characterizes every single project we take on board. We have the capability to tailor our products to achieve the aesthetic requirements of our clients.

Flexibility Modular solutions, easy to install and designed to be integrated into any project and environment.

Customization Tailor-made solutions for any kind of project in compliance with the regulations and standards required.

Timely delivery schedules An order management system designed to guarantee on-time deliveries, even for urgent and challenging orders.

LM in numeri

hospital wards installed worldwide in the last three years
bed head units manufactured each year
di 5.000
different product configurations
Professionals in our recently built headquarters
distributors worldwide

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