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OKI FANTASY is one of our sensible examples of how up-to-the minute technology meets the need of the pediatric wards.

LM MEDICAL DIVISION has been working non-stop to improve and enlarge the product range. OKI FANTASY is one of our sensible examples of how up-to-the minute technology meets the need of the pediatric wards.
Designed to make children’s recovery more pleasant, OKI FANTASY is made of
an innovative acrylic sheet onto which it is applied a colourful film, featuring cartoons.

Upon request we can supply the unit with our exclusive backlighting LED system offering a selective illumination of just some of the characters which will be visible while all the lights are off.
Ideally designed as a fancy night light, this feature is available for all themes.


Inpatient care




Data communication

Data communication

Direct lighting

Direct lighting

Indirect lighting

Indirect lighting

Led lighting

Led lighting

Night lighting

Night lighting

Gas outlet

Gas outlet

Special images and pattern available

Special images and pattern available


Cheer them up

This is why we have designed it: to make youngsters’ recovery a little bit better improving that environment which is usually unfriendly especially for the younger ones.

OKI FANTASY gives you the opportunity to keep well separated gas services and electrical ones. In fact while the former are placed in front coming out from the panel, the latter are underneath. This satisfies not only some technical requirements but also gives the units a nice sleek and clean look.

Plug and play

Each unit is ready to install and can be used straight after connection to the main pipelines (electricity and medical gasses).
No assembling on site or special handling is required for installation.

We wanted to make this unit unique. So we thought to create not only a pleasant look but also a serene presence that watches over the young patients over
the night. A special LED backlighting system will assure a gentle night decorative illumination which will never leave them alone in the dark.

Four standard themes are available but this does not refrain us from helping our customers to find a new tailored image.

Hygienic beauty

The acrylic front panel is layered with a high performing polyester film which guarantees adequate cleanliness and safe disinfection.


Decrease your electricity consumption thanks to our innovative LED stripes
which are available for all direct , indirect and even night lighting. Lesser maintenance, greater performance!
Up to 40% energy saving. 50.000 Hours average lifetime


Protecting epoxy powder coating guarantees adequate hygienic surfaces. This could be boosted further with our dedicated antibacterial paint to ensure 100% shield against infectious agents.


Dazzle free ambient lighting can be housed in the top profile for adequate indoor illumination, also direct light can be added on each side. Both can be equipped with T5/T8 neon lamps, or LED strips, with dimming light system through pushbutton or DALI. An optional selective RGB light solution is also available to customize the O.T. environment.

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