Medical HL.40 Handrails

HL.40 Handrails


Overview HL.40 Handrails

Supply and installation of a tubular 40 mm handrail newly developed with non-toxic, antibacterial plastic materials.

Dimensions and specifications

Shock-absorbing tubular structure with 40 mm diameter in our newly deweloped PVC FREE POLYCARBONATE profile. Certified European EN 13823 and EN ISO 11925-2 “b-s2,d0” antibacterial certification for Medical usage, with a thickness of 2mm

Smooth surface for a perfect hygienical protection

Pigments not containing cadmium and heavy metals, chlorine, phthalates, bromide, halogens and antimony are amalgamated with the main plastic raw substance.

Wall mounted, snap up, on an inflexible and seamless extruded aluminum profile; fastened through special stainless steel brackets, distant from each other more than 38 mm, to allow a tight hold on any wall, even on double plasterboard ones. Standard distance from the wall is 55 mm to allow perfect hand-grip.

Internal and external end caps slotted in the main support to allow perfect fit, in the same plastic material of the profile.

European Certification EN 13823 and EN ISO 11925-2 “B-s2,d0” and antibacterial certification for medical usage.


916 (FM-01)
910 (FM-02)
735 (FM-12)
115 (FM-03)
1205 (FM-19)
619 (FM-14)
627 (FM-04)
737 (FM-10)
524/1 (FM-06)
514 (FM-15)
901 (FM-13)
203 (FM-18)
502 (FM-16)
704 (FM-09)
633 (FM-05)
524/3 (FM-11)
510 (FM-08)
524/2 (FM-07)

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