Medical EASY 2.0

EASY 2.0

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OKI EASY 2.0 is designed and recommended to offer an easy and price worthy solution for standard inpatient care. The bed head unit could be supplied with various lighting configurations:

a) either indirect or direct
b) both

It can house all medical gas outlets adequately segregated from the electrical components. The highly adaptable profile can be configured for all special hospital wards. Upon request an integrated aluminium DIN rail is also available.

All OKI EASY 2.0 can be also recessed either in a concrete wall or any plasterboard. In addition to this, it can be completely integrated to existing HPL paneling. It is especially suitable where sleek but simple design needs to meet all medical requirements for standard specialty wards. The configuration can be either horizontal or vertical and the unit itself can provide single, double or multiple profile. All configurations can be supplied with additional integrated DIN rail (horizontal mounting) or vertical pole (vertical mounting) for which a dedicated list of accessories is available which you can find in the dedicated accessories catalogue.

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